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About The Facilitators

Stephanie Bryan
Philip Cerdorian
Cyndi Goldfarb
Marinela Maneiro
Tom McSheehy
Sheryl Schwabe

Stephanie Bryan - LCSW, CAC III. Stephanie's dream is to make a difference in the world by teaching and coaching parents so they can raise caring, responsible adults who will make a positive contribution to society.

Her passion for parent education and coaching stems from her experience as a parent. As a new parent, even though she had a Master's Degree in Social Work, she had no idea what to do, so she voraciously read parenting books. Through them she was able to learn enough to get through the first few years.

By the time her kids were 3 and 5, they were out-of-control "monsters." She had been raised by two rigid and controlling parents, and SHE WASN'T GOING TO BE LIKE THEM! She was overly permissive, with no structure, no limits, no boundaries. And that wasn't working any better.

Around that time, she had the good fortune to be able to take a parenting class. It helped. So, she took another, and another, and another. And lo and behold, with much diligence and perseverance, she developed parenting instincts that matched her philosophy of parenting. YOU CAN TOO!!!

Her parenting credentials are her two adult children who have thanked her for the way she raised them: a daughter who tells others she is raising her daughter the way she was raised and a son who thanks her for having raised him to be the kind of person his wife would fall in love with.

Her professional credentials are a Master's Degree in Social Work, an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), and a CAC III (Certified Addictions Counselor). She is a certified facilitator of the "Love and Logic®" curricula and a Certified Parent & Teen Coach. She has taught and/or coached over 3000 parents since 1997.

She has developed a new class, "REAL Parenting™: The Next Step", to help parents learn to give and get Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, and Love. She offers parent coaching to help parents achieve the outcomes they want in their parenting. She teaches "Love and Logic® " classes fall, winter, spring, and summer.

For detailed information on her current parenting activities, you can go to www.REALparenting.com or call 303-397-0646.

Cyndi Goldfarb - M.S., LCCE, has taught classes for parents in the Denver/Boulder area for twenty-two years. Originally an occupational therapist with a master's degree in pediatrics, she started teaching childbirth classes in 1986, after the birth of her second daughter. Both of her children were raised with Love and Logic, and she has been teaching Love and Logic parenting classes since the summer of 2002. Cyndi offers classes at numerous facilities in Boulder County, as well as in-home classes privately organized by parents with their friends, and does one-on-one parent consultation from a Love and Logic perspective.

Cyndi's instructional approach combines her knowledge of pediatric development with the sound parenting practices of Love and Logic. She strives to individualize the curriculum to meet unique needs. She asks you:

Are you being the kind of person you want your children to imitate? Are you tired of yelling pleading, threatening and bribing? Are your children learning the skills they need to live safely and successfully in our complicated world? Do they ask themselves this question: "I wonder how my next decision will affect my life?"

For more information on Cyndi's classes, please call 303-494-8373 or go to www.boulderparentingclasses.com

Philip Cerdorian - M.A., is a Licensed Professional Counselor (1998) and Becoming a Love and Logic Parent Trainer since 2001. He is also certified in Brain Gym. EMDR, Psych-k, Imago Couples work and play therapy. He teaches mindfulness, tapping and other coping strategies. His style is Holistic and integrative. He has had a private practice in Longmont since 2001. He works with children, adolescents and adults with issues of ADHD, anxiety, depression, trauma, divorce and life transitions. He helped raise 5 stepchildren and one foster child all now out of the house and doing well. Love and Logic Principles were the core of his parenting style and continues to be how he coaches parents. He can be reached at 303- 485-9041 or cerdorian04msn.com.


Marinela Maneiro - has a BA in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Organizational Development. She works with individuals, families, and organizations as a trainer and consultant. She has been working with the Latino community in Denver and Boulder County in various capacities, focusing primarily on issues regarding family dynamics, immigrant rights and education, and works with other agencies in the community to create better services for low-income families. She has been teaching "Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®" classes for one year in Spanish. She is interested in helping Latino parents develop skills that support them in feeling more confident as individuals and parents, dealing with cultural differences and being successful in maintaining their values.

For more information on Marinela's classes call 303-819-7606 or e-mail amorylogica@yahoo.com.

Marinela Maneiro - es Psicóloga y tiene una Maestría en Desarrollo Organizacional. Trabaja como consultora y facilitadora para individuos, familias y organizaciones. Ha estado trabajando con la comunidad latina de Denver y del Condado de Boulder en diferentes áreas, focalizándose principalmente en asuntos relacionados con dinámicas familiares, derechos de los inmigrantes y educación, además trabaja con ostras agencias de la comunidad para proveer mejores servicios para las familias de bajos ingresos. Marinela ha estado enseñando clases de "Cómo ser un padre con Amor y Lógica®" por un año. Está interesada en ayudar a las madres y padres latinos a desarrollar destrezas que los ayuden a sentirse más confidentes como personas y como padres, manejar las diferencias culturales y tener éxito en el mantenimiento de sus valores.

Para más información sobre las clases de Marinela, puede llamar al 303-819-7606 o escribir a la dirección e-mail amorylogica@yahoo.com.

Tom McSheehy - is both a licensed teacher and licensed social worker in Colorado.  Tom has taught elementary school for 19 years and has been a social worker and therapist for 12 years.  He has over 20 years of experience working with parents, teachers, children, and families and is uniquely qualified to understand schools and families and to strengthen the bond between them.  Acknowledging and fostering the gifts and strengths of each child and adult has been a strong focus of Tom's teaching and therapy.  Tom's passion is guiding and supporting parents and teachers in connecting deeply with children and teenagers.  Tom is the founder and director of Teaching Heart, an organization dedicated to supporting parents and teachers in developing children's social and emotional intelligence.  Tom is a therapist, teacher, and consultant in Louisville, CO. 

For more information on Tom's classes, visit teachingheart.com call 303-955-2816 or e-mail tmcsheehy@comcast.net.

Sheryl Schwabe - MSW, CAC III. Sheryl has a Masters Degree in Social Work and is a Certified Addictions Counselor. She has worked in mental health since 1991. Prior to teaching parenting classes she worked in psychiatric, substance abuse, head injury and physical rehabilitation settings. Sheryl initially received a "Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®" class as a gift at the birth of her triplets. She was so impressed with the philosophy and techniques that she decided to pursue further training to facilitate classes. She has been facilitating Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® and “Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!® since 2003. Sheryl is interested in supporting parents with the most important job they will ever have – Parenting! She is committed to guiding parents as they gain confidence in their parenting skills, while building and maintaining a loving relationship with their children.

For more information on Sheryl's classes call 303-520-6803 or e-mail sschwabe@comcast.net


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